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Paris deal incoming! Visit french capital from VILNIUS. Price starts @ 165 € p.p. September is coming!

Hey hey! Time to see what Paris have to offer guys. If you never been there it’s a perfect opportunity to jump in and get lost for a couple of days. Paris’s heritage is truly exceptional, combining both historical and modern treasures. Museums, parks, gardens, bridges, famous landmarks like Eiffel Tower and more. Everything in one places. Everything there. September is also pleasant month to travel in France. Let’s go!

Route: Vilnius (VNO) —> Paris Beauvais (BVA) —> Vilnius (VNO)

Date: 2019-09-15 —-> 2019-09-20

Price: from 59€

Follow Skyscanner link and choose the best price deal! Or find same tickets on official Ryanair Website website.

Let’s check some accommodation deals for dates to match that cheap flight above.

Here are just a few top search results as an example:

Shown above is the total price for 5 nights2 guests1 room.

2019-09-15 —– 2019-09-20

If you would choose the cheapest option from the picture above, price for 1 adult would be 106€ for a Hotel. 

So flight 59€ + Hotel 106€ = 165€ per person 🙂 or 165 x 2 = 330€ for 2 persons!

For the whole bunch of accommodation options head to Skyscanner search results ready!

Enjoy 🙂

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