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Cheap getaway! Vilnius – Lviv from 38€ in June

Are you ready to start the real summer season by going to Lviv, Ukraine? You have a great opportunity as flights are extremely cheap. Just 38€ for return tickets. And we all know that prices in Ukraine are quite low so you can afford more. Also, Lviv is a beautiful city full of art, history and culture. Definitely place worth a visit. Specially when getting there is so cheap. Check out some accommodation options attached below, find the one you like most!

Route: Vilnius (VNO) —> LVIV (LWO) —> Vilnius (VNO)

Date: 2019-06-09 —> 2019-06-12

Price: from 38€ (For Wizz Air discount members) . If you are not a member –

lwiw capture
Wizz discounted price

Regular price

Follow Skyscanner link and choose the best price deal! Or find same tickets on official Wizz air website.

Let’s check some accommodation deals for dates to match that cheap flight above.

Here are just a few top search results as an example:

Shown above is the total price for 3 nights, 2 guests, 1 room.

2019-06-09 —- 2019-06-12

For the whole bunch of accommodation options head to Skyscanner search results ready!

Enjoy ! 🙂

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