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Congratulations, you have found a great website which could win an award for being so deeply hidden at the bottom of the internet. No one ever going to find it!

On this blog, I am going to share all the good stuff which I sometimes find while browsing various airlines or hotel websites. Cheap flights, good hotel room rates, international bus tickets, cruise deals etc. Basically, things which can get you packing in seconds to enjoy some time OFF. Travel stories, experiences and tips & tricks will be shared here also. It could be mine, it could be your’s. Let’s make it together!

Why would I do this? Well, it’s a more efficient way of spending my free time than rather just sitting on a couch watching TV and getting fat. I just want to do something good for everyone else too. Nothing shady.

Also, sometimes it is so disappointing to find perfectly priced flights or any holiday deal and won’t be able to use an opportunity to travel because of one million reasons like work, money, family, health, bad timing etc.

So, I am just a guy who would like to share good deals for travelling around the world! Relax, sit back and enjoy holiday deal offers 🙂

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